Grassroots Advocacy at the State Level

MeSA represents your interests as a Maine-licensed anesthesiologist.  In today’s health care environment, it is very important to be informed and to be involved.  As a member of MeSA, you join a group of committed professionals who have united to effect change. 

Celebrating Physician Anesthesiologists 2020

Patient-Centered, Physician-Led Care

In March 2020, anesthesiology residents and attending physician anesthesiologists attended sessions at the Maine House of Representatives and Senate to bring attention to physician-led, patient centered anesthesiology care teams ensuring the safe, high-quality care patients deserve. Learn more at

Back Row: Derek Bunch DO, Dylan Wingfield MD, Aaron Tebbs MD, Tayler Eldridge DO, Olga Diomede MD, Michael Henry MD, Kymberlee Royals MD, James Flowerdew MD, Kristin Johnson.
Front Row: Dave Warters, MD, Russell Kizor, MD, Winsor Wesson, MD, Ruslan Abdukalikov DO, Tayler Eldridge DO, Gisselle Mani MD, Yussr Ibrahim MD (yellow).


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