What is a Physician Anesthesiologist?

Physician anesthesiologists provide patients with relief from pain and the highest quality and safest care before, during and after surgery. Patient safety is our top priority. Learn the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery and the steps you can take to make sure you receive the highest quality care.

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Grassroots Advocacy at the National Level

Maine Anesthesiology Residents wins the Founder's Club Challenge

We are very excited to announce the results of the inaugural ASAPAC Founders Club Challenge. For the second year in a row, Maine Medical Center's Anesthesiology Residency Program has been distinguished as one of the winners of the campaign (along with Georgetown University) and will be rewarded with an ASA sponsored pizza party. This is a great accomplishment for our anesthesiology residency program to be recognized at the national level.

Daniel Campos, MD, MPH, FASA is on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Anesthesiologists

Christopher Cary, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, Allen Hayman, MD, Kevin Morneault, DO, Adam O’Brien, DO, Dan Campos, MD, and Richard Flowerdew, MD

Dan Campos, MD (third from left), ASA Committee for Professional Affairs

Dr. Dan Campos serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Anesthesiologists. The Board met recently and during that meeting Dr. Campos served in several important capacities. Dr. Campos was appointed to the Reference Committee on Professional Affairs. This Committee reviews and comments on the work product of 25 standing committees for the ASA.

Dr. Campos also is Chair of the Anesthesia Care Team Committee for the ASA. As Chair he presented several important issues to the Board that have broad reaching ramifications for our professions future.

MeSA Leaders Reach Out to Maine's Congretional Delegation

Each Spring, the MeSA sends a group of Maine anesthesiologists, comprised primarily of their elected leadership, to the ASA's Leadership and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Here is this year's group storming Capitol Hill to meet with our Congressional delegation and share our concerns. The ASA meeting is open to any member and we welcome newcomers.

This year the MeSA Leadership provided our Congressional Delegation with information about patient safety, physician-directed anesthesiology care, the opiod crisis and safe VA Care. Attendees included President Eric Tweedie, MD, ASA Director Daniel Campos, MD, ASA Delegate Allen Hayman, MD, Christopher Cary, MD, Kevin Morneault, DO, Resident Adam O’Brien, DO, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

For more information, email mesahq@gmail.com.

Lisa Montagna, Kevin Morneault, DO, Dan Campos, MD, Allen Hayman, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Christopher Cary, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, Adam O’Brien, DO, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

Lisa Montagna, Kevin Morneault, DO, Dan Campos, MD, Allen Hayman, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Christopher Cary, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, Adam O’Brien, DO, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

Grassroots Advocacy at the State Level

MeSA represents your interests as a Maine-licensed anesthesiologist.  In today’s health care environment, it is very important to be informed and to be involved. 

As a member of MeSA, you join a group of committed professionals who have united to effect change. 

Physician Anesthesiologists Week 2019

Patient-Centered, Physician-Led Care

Anesthesiology residents and attending physician anesthesiologists attended sessions at the Maine House of Representatives and Senate to bring attention to physician-led, patient centered anesthesiology care teams. Physician anesthesiologists ensure the safe, high-quality care patients deserve. Learn more at asahq.org/WhenSecondsCount.

Drs. Kymberlee Royals and Mike Henry.

Kymberlee Royals, MD and Michael Henry, MD were Doctors of the Day at the Maine State Legislature on January 30, 2019.

Back Row: Winsor Wesson, MD, Aaron Tebbs, MD, Ben Levin, MD, Mike Henry, MD, Anne Hicks, MD, Walter Blackburn, DO, Dylan Wingfield, MD, Neal Oberg, DO.

Front Row: Dave Warters, MD, Kimberlee Royals, MD, Olga Diomede, MD, Taylor Eldridge, DO, Russell Kizor, MD, Heather Turcotte, DO, Giselle Mani, MD, Johanna Cobb, MD, Lisa Montagna, Executive Director, MeSA.

Upcoming Events

2019 Business Meeting

The next meeting of the Maine Society of Anesthesiologists will be Saturday, September 7, 2019 from 2 to 5 pm at the Harborside Hotel and Marina (Stave Island room in the Pool House) in conjunction with the 166th Annual Session of the Maine Medical Association

Topics to be discussed at MeSA's Business Meeting include:

  • Legislative Update (State and Federal)
  • MeSA PAC Trustee Elections
  • Report on Advocacy and Patient Safety
  • Resident Engagement

Please let us know if you're available to join us or if you have any questions you can reach us at mesahq@gmail.com

You are welcome to come to the meeting at the last minute if you're schedule allows.