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What is a Physician Anesthesiologist?

Physician anesthesiologists provide patients with relief from pain and the highest quality and safest care before, during and after surgery. Patient safety is our top priority. Learn the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery and the steps you can take to make sure you receive the highest quality care.

Visit When Seconds Count to learn more about anesthesia, preparing for surgery and pain management.

ASAPAC Resident March Mayhem Champions Announced: Maine Medical, Mayo Clinic Arizona, and Texas A&M!

On March 19, a record 24 residency programs from across the country began a challenging three-week race to the finish in ASAPAC's Fourth Annual Resident March Mayhem Competition.

The competition: compete against a resident program you've been matched with to generate more ASAPAC and Grassroots participation. As a result, seven programs achieved 100 percent ASAPAC participation and three programs achieved 100 percent Grassroots Network participation. The prize: an ASAPAC sponsored pizza party and a place in ASAPAC history.

Congratulations to Maine Medical Residents and all the programs who participated in the fourth Annual Resident March Mayhem Competition!

Maine Leads the Nation in Grassroots Advocacy for Patient Safety and Quality of Care

Maine won the Alabama Cup for highest participation rate with 63.4% of Maine's ASA members contributing to ASAPAC. Three states achieved over 50% ASAPAC participation - Maine, Kansas and Alabama.

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Grassroots Advocacy at the National Level

MeSA President Bruce Malmer, MD, MeSA Vice President Dan Campos, MD, Gary Palma, DO, Allen Hayman, MD, Eric Tweedie, MD, and Christopher Cary, MD.

Anna Bragdon, Lisa Montagna, Allen Hayman, MD, David Warters, MD, Aaron Tebbs, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Eric Tweedie, MD, Daniel Campos, MD, MPH, Gary Palman, DO and Richard Flowerdew, MD, FRCA.

Members of the MeSA spent a few days in May bringing their message of patient safety and physician-directed anesthesiology care to our Congressional Delegation. Attendees included President Eric Tweedie, MD, Vice President Aaron Tebbs, MD, ASA Director Daniel Campos, MD, ASA Delegate Allen Hayman, MD, ASA Delegate Gary Palman, DO and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

(BACK ROW) Anna Bragdon, MSA Executive Director, Dave Andrews, MD, Denise LaRue, MD, Senator Susan Collins, Christopher Cary, MD, (sitting) Allen Hayman, MD,  Liberty Taylor, MD, and Richard Flowerdew, MD.

Richard Flowerdew, MD, Dan Campos, MD, Aaron Tebbs, MD, Senator Angus King, Eric Tweedie, MD, Allen Hayman, MD and Gary Palman, DO.

MeSA represents your interests as a Maine-licensed anesthesiologist.  In today’s health care environment, it is very important to be informed and to be involved. 

As a member of MeSA, you join a group of committed professionals who have united to effect change. 

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