Residents' Day at the Legislature

On March 28, 2004, residents from Maine Medical Center, along with MeSA's Medical Student Liaison will meet with legislators, have a tour of the Maine State Capitol, and be recognized by the House of Representatives.  Following the State House tour, the group will meet for lunch and a Problem-Based Learning Discussion.

2023 Residents Day at the Legislature

MeSA Resident's Day at the Legislature

Back Row:  Travis Barker, MD, Gasper Gasperlin, DO, Michael Finke, DO, Christopher Abruzzese, DO, Associate Program Director, Talitha Budi, MD, Jay Kellegrew, MD, and J. Patrick McAuley, MBBS.

Front Row:  Daria Ivenitsky, Medical Student Liaison, Lisa Montagna, Executive Director, Danielle Kerr, DO, Josie Watczak, MD, Margaret Carroll, MD, Meredith Peck, DO, and James Flowerdew, MD, Program Director.

Governor Mills Recognizes Physician Anesthesiologists Week: 
January 28 - February 3, 2024

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the citizens of Maine, I write this letter in recognition of Physician Anesthesiologists Week, which is recognized from January 28 to February 3, 2024.

Physician anesthesiologists must complete extensive education and training prior to licensure. The 12 to 14 years of education and 12,000 to 16,000 hours of training they receive prepares them to navigate life-and-death moments and help ensure patients receive the highest quality care.

In practice, physician anesthesiologists work in a wide array of health care settings. From operating and delivery rooms, to intensive care units, pain management clinics and in the Department of Veterans Affairs, these professionals keep patients safe no matter the situation.

Physician anesthesiologists are responsible for leading the Anesthesia Team model, which is widely recognized as the gold standard of care used in all of the nation's top hospitals and in the VA. They protect patients and the millions of Veterans who have served our country and deserve the highest standard of care possible.

As Governor, I thank all the physician anesthesiologists throughout Maine who work to provide this critical form of care every day.

Thank you,

Janet T. Mills

See Governor Mills' Letter

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The intersection of global health and critical care is explored in this conversation between guest host Dr. Keya Locke and Dr. Ana Maria Crawford, guest editor of the March ASA Monitor. Listen in as they discuss assumptions that can harm patients, what we can learn from global colleagues, gaps in critical care, and more. Recorded February 2024.

Help Preserve the Physician-Led Care Team

Decisions are made every day in Augusta which directly affect your practice.  Maine Society of Anesthesiologists works year-round to increase awareness and share concerns on important issues that physicians are facing.

Adam O'Brien, DO, Meredith Peck, DO, Senator Susan Collins, Daniel Campos, MD, MPH, FASA, and Allen Hayman, MD, FASA.
Adam O'Brien, DO, Meredith Peck, DO, Senator Susan Collins, Daniel Campos, MD, MPH, FASA, and Allen Hayman, MD, FASA

MeSA Members Meet with Maine's Congressional Delegation

On May 16, 2023, Drs. Adam O'Brien, Meredith Peck, Daniel Campos, and Allen Hayman met with Senator Susan Collins and the office of Senator King to discuss the importance of the anesthesia care team model in the State of Maine, the VA system, an inflation adjustment for Medicare payments, fixes to the No Surprise Act Implementation, and expanded access to Naloxone.  These same topics were also discussed with the offices of Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Golden on May 17.  For further information about these meetings, please email mesahq@gmail.com.

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